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Corporate Sector

Aiming to improve day to day operations and empower companies with the latest in technology to assist them in better managing their workforce and its productive time. Low TCO implementations resulting in higher ROI
Educational Sector

Digitizing universities and colleges to enhance their administrative operations and marks management allowing them to focus on curriculae and automate time consuming tasks. Building a transparent and collaborative system
Custom Software Development

From conceptualization to convergence of development technologies with industry expertise, building ideas into products carving them to match your visualization. Deploying Web based SaaS or Platform based PaaS products

IT Consulting

Using our technical proficiency and strong research analysis, we not only consult on existing and upcoming technologies but also implement solutions to solve infrastructure related issues or technological roadblocks
Business Consulting

Our strong Business Acumen assists our clients from the point of visualization of a business need to achieving critical business objectives and growing their business beyond their expectations
Implementation and Support Services

With a Workforce of Experienced and Skilled Individuals from different domains of software and support industry, we accomplish complex Implementation tasks and provide Support for hassle free functioning of our partnered products

Resource Outsourcing

Clear understanding of business objectives allows us to not only mirror but also enhance existing business processes and employ business strategies with rapid turnaround by utilizing readily available professionals from the outsourcing industry
Talent Management

Human Capital and Talent Management as an augmented extension to your HR Policies and Processes, evolving your talent beyond their conceived potential
Project Management

Collaborating with different domains, technical and non technical, and employing their multi-skilled expertise, experienced Project Managers ensure that your Projects are managed and completed as per your requirements

Network and Infrastructure

Precisely designing corporate infrastructure as well as consulting on and employing Network Security components to ensure your Corporate Network is not only efficient but also safe-guarded with state of the art technologies
Single Sign-On

Providing setup, customization and deployment of Single Sign-On technology utilizing domain leading Microsoft ADFS as well as customizable Open Source technologies, we ensure you can use a single login for all your corporate applications
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Studying and Challenging your Corporate Network and Communications Infrastructure to find loop holes or break points so no third party can ever exploit it, securing you against compromising breaches

Our Products : HCM College Management System Custom Software Development


Encompassing all functions required for Human Capital Management and providing Biometric Devices for Time Capture alongwith Payroll services.

Available in SaaS and PaaS based deployments our "IVSConnect" HCM can improve Employee Information Record Keeping, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Project Management, Compensation, Performance Management, Helpdesk Ticketing and Payroll processes with easy to use interface powered by intelligent business logic.

Solution to Student Attendance and Marks Verification problems caused by Manual Data Entry and Management. Allowing for Collaboration between Colleges and Universities with regards to Exam Results and Attendance Verification as well as Announcement Broadcasts.

Available in SaaS and PaaS based deployments "P2O" College Management System provides automated functions for Staff and Student Information Records, Curriculae and Examination Planning, Marks Record Keeping and Management, Marks Verification internally as well as with University, Library Management, Admin Tasks and Payroll

Custom Software Development

Building Software Applications from Idea Conception to Planning, Development, Testing and Deployment, plus providing Server Hosting options at concessive rates to Reduce Cost of Ownership. Utilizing varied efficient technologies in perfect synergy to achieve the visioned product look and functionality and then adding a little creative finesse to give it an artistic look.

Softwares that are scalable across different devices as well as ones that are specific to particular devices, Following are a few Custom Development Projects undertaken by us,


Custom Software Development

Iterations to Adapt to Your Evolving Perspectives

Using Flexible Methodologies, turning Your Ideas into Reality